Expression of director before new season 2016

Dear drivers, I would like to invite you to start of new season in RBR PLANET. Also, money on financial account will be automatically transfered to next season. Of course, with the money from sponsor too, if the driver uses Sponsor. If he doesn't, he can start at any point of a season. Other new things are just little details, all important you will see in rules.  

Now is absolutely clear that we will organize 4 championschips. With their cups for categories of course. All you can find in Calendar. First race will be Rally Liepaja (11-26.2. 2016) witch is in ERC (RC2,RC3,RC4,RC5 and RGT), ERC2 (R4 and N4), and ERC3 (RC3,RC4,RC5). And you must pay 1 000€. Drivers will be informed about registrations on our new Facebook Page, witch I want to invite you too. 

That is all important that I wanted to say. I hope you will like RBR PLANET. This year is second for me as a director. All organization team spent a lot of time for prepare so, we hope you will enjoy it, and everything will be working fine.

Vojtěch Valenta

director RBR Planet

Registration was started!
Today was started registration to RBR Planet.